Jan 13, 2010

Three cheers to Bunty!!!

This is testimonial that I wrote for my elder sis, BUNTY (!!!) on orkut but I guess, even that platform turns small when it comes to expressing my love for her. I love you, dear!!!

"Here Iam,writing a testimonial for my sister because her incessant coaxing and cursing gives me sleepless nights.Iam not doing that to embellish her profile or glorify our love for each other.But before i begin,all i want to say is that,the most difficult task in this whole universe is to testify your relationship with someone without whose presence,it is impossible to define what life actually means to you.The day bunty announced that she would be moving to Germany for her higher studies,i was devastated.I try every single moment to be in her shoes,emulate her and eventually adjust to her absence,but at the end of the day,i succumb to my inabilities.I miss the day when she used to pack my lunch(jam bread) whenever mummy used to fall sick and i wud relish that.I remember how we both used to do window shopping in 'anzal plaza' and pacify tumpa with small treats if we left her at home.
sit and reminisce how i gulped down yummy cakes baked by her under one breath and eventually mummy wud lock them away in the cupboard.Whenever i walk past Archies,iam reminded of the new year errands of buying cards for friends,which i used to carry out with her. Chhoti chhoti cheezen hain...How can i summarize the 20 years i spent with her in a few bytes.
Sometimes,i hold her clothes close to myself and holding back my tears,try to feel the warmth she exuded.Before she was about to leave for the airport this time,she staggered into every room cluelessly,crying miserably,as if trying to gather and carry memories along with her.I think of that day and burst into tears.I know my words would sound like an overstatement to some people,but do i care?
People say iam a recluse,way too reserved but if i have the two most beautiful women in the world as my sisters,i really wouldn't bother not being in friends with others.
Sometimes,i feel dejected,trying too hard to keep our family together and take care of their small issues the way she did but unable to match her fervour and intrepidity.To the world,blue is blue but if its red for bunty,its red for me as well.I hope this illustration works in my favour.Bunty,gup nahin maar rahin hun.Believe me.For me,you are perfect in every sense and iam proud to say that we are blessed to have a sister like you in our life.Had i been a guy,i would have married her.Kitni SEXY hai meri behen.Sorry,not able to show my literary skills in this testimonial.Iam perplexed,as if what else to write.

All i want to say is,just be the strong woman you are.Iam looking forward to the day when i will embrace my Germany returned,accent maarne waali Dr.bunty,elated,that she's still the very same person i have spent the 20 most beautiful years of my life with.
I love you,sis!!!"