Mar 1, 2009

Sizzling sizzlers!!!!

“ Oh! how cute! The same old smile !” Recently, one of my friends posted this comment on my orkut pic. What does he know? Is he even aware of my plight as reflected by my forced smile in the pic?

As the story goes, i went along with my sisters and brother to Select City Mall, Saket on a cold december morning filled with christmas fervour and enthusiasm. After hours of window shopping and endless walking, we all were feeling ravenous.
As we entered the food court, my mouth had already started watering . Being indecisive by birth, i was confused over what to choose from the alarmingly long menu. “ Do you need some help?”, called out my angel-like sister. “ Definitely!”
As she walked towards me, she suddenly seemed to have possessed surrealistic wings and Halo,like an angel walking out of my dreams.

Wake up!! The nightmare begins....

“Why don’t you try this?!” She said,pointing towards some apparently tempting sizzlers.” See, it’s very healthy and looks delicious too.”. I nodded in agreement. Why not,after all ,I’m a dutiful and obedient sister. “Ok.i’ll try it.” I said, although,i could smell danger lurking nearby.

Well,the sizzlers looked tempting. But,never judge the book by its cover, they say. As i took a mouthful, i glared at my sister. I suddenly felt like a Sadhu sitting under a banyan tree, enjoying a ‘satvik bhojan’ .” What is it???”, she asked as she raised her eyebrow. “Thats what I’m trying to figure out that what it is exactly!!! “ i howled back.

For a gluttonous and devoted non-vegetarian, a seemingly tasty platter of half-cooked vegetables( God,selectively the ones i hate the most) ,a handful of rice and some paneer chunks( my last resort,although even they were smeared with some incomprehensibly tasting barbecue sauce .) seemed depressing. Although the description might tempt the readers, trust me,the dish couldnt. “you made me gulp down this?” Suddenly,i became nostalgic remembering my regular visits to the local gol-gappe walas. I eyed my younger sister,as she was gorging on some Chinese delicacies. i smiled and she smiled back, a smile that warned secretively,”don’t you dare stare at my plate!”
To uplift my mood, my brother cracked some PJ’s. I glared back,annoyed and irritated. He smiled back sheepishly.
My elder sister,who could no longer suppress her laughter and amused at my predicament, finally volunteered to finish off the “sizzling sizzlers” all by herself. What a brave thing to do, i thought aloud. Suddenly i was mesmerized by the bravery. “Wat a heroic act!!! Bravo!!! Go ahead,win the world,sister!!” I patted her back as she ate spoons after spoons of the sizzling sizzlers.

“Bunty!! Bunty!!” we all cheered for our virtuous sister unanimously.
Finally, her ordeal was over and and she smugged (although she must have been sighing in relief from inside.)
For her award-winning gallantry, we treated her with ice-cream, and we joined in too.

After all this drama and entertainment, we finally rushed out as the audience could no longer bear our presence.

Moral of the story, once again, Ladies and Gentlemen,” Never judge the book by its cover!!!” hahaha.


justforpraveen said...

Ha Ha.. Seems you did not like it at all.

Munmun said...

lolz.i wouldnt have dedicated this post if i had liked was a frightful experience.

Arpita said...

A perfect "Bad Food Gone Worse" scenario!

Abbe yaar..not that the sizzlers got my stomach juices overflowing but skimming through the menu it was the best I could zero down too!! are deceptive!!

Anywayz..thank you bolo, for shooeing away that heaping pile of insipid veggies out of your sight!
For days my taste buds went bonkers!!