Aug 18, 2009

Doodling about life!!!

Denied of other means to reach out to each other,this is what two sisters,seven seas across,do to bring solace to their hearts: they doodle on Yahoo!Messenger...Some preposterous snapshots, although they define my whole world!!!

1.Here, my sister expresses her wish to fly. Obviously, i cannot afford to ask for such a wish, courtesy, my weight!!!

2.This is me, in specs undoubtedly, with my famiy.

3.This is how our dream home used to be then.Who can vouch for such simplicity in these times???

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Arpita said...

:) :)
Isn’t it surprising how much memory is built around things that go unnoticed at the time we are actually doing them!

I mean...while scribbling may be it would have been just a random chat session, but when we look at it later, we realize that we unconsciously painted those things in life that we are missing the most. Things that would have been difficult to admit otherwise....