Feb 12, 2010

Being mean!!!!

How mean can a person get!!! I have collected the crappiest, slimiest,meanest, in short, most insulting one-liners from books, cartoon strips and magazines. Trust me, you simply cannot gauge the limit of meanness in them...Enjoy!!!

* Ur teeth r so yellow, I cant believe its not butter!!!

* I don’t know what makes you so dumb, but hell!!! It really works.

* I wud luv 2 ask how old u r but of course, I know u cant count that high.

* I heard dat u changed ur mind. So, wat did u do wid ur diapers???

* Why don’t u slip into something comfortable…like coma??

* He dips sparrows in Peroxide and sells them as canaries.

* You get plenty of exercise jumping to conclusions, pushing your luck, beating around the bush and dodging the issue.

* Don’t piss me off!! M running out of places to hide bodies.

* Why didn’t Noah swat those two mosquitoes???

* Abracadabra….Nope, you are still ugly!!!

* Your mother-in-law is so fat, she was floating in the Atlantic ocean and Spain claimed her as a new world.

* Your kid brother is so hairy; when I took him to the zoo the gorillas went crazy thinking that I’ve stolen one of their babies…

* Ur cousin’s so fat she’s on both sides of the family.

* Your wife is so fat, when she fell off a boat and the captain yelled,” Land Ahead!!”

* Your dog is so short; its best friend is an ant.

* Your sister is so damn ugly that when she entered the Society building, they turned off the CCTV camera.

* Your cousin is so damn ugly that when he threw a boomerang, it refused to come back.

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