Feb 18, 2010

When you say nothing at all...

Silence is alluring…sometimes, it gives excruciating pain and sometimes, it is phenomenally comforting. Silence can drive you crazy at times, reminding you incessantly of the existent void in your life. But, at times, it can suture many time-inflicted wounds.

As they say, silence is the hardest argument to refute… At times, I would have futile arguments with my dad and the last move of the game would be played by him with the best weapon to be used against me, his silence. Sometimes ,lights would be turned off and he would retire to bed with my questions being unanswered and sometimes ,he would direct his whole attention back to the TV screen without paying any heed to what I said. I would be left stranded with confusion and frustration and would finally succumb in the battle of words.

Even silence can speak. Someone has very rightly said that spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart. It shows that someone is totally indifferent to your feelings, which inflicts even deeper scars than someone who is angry or resented by you. A friend of mine was truly and crazily in love with a guy who simply considered her as a good friend. Sometimes, he became so distant to her as if she is just another passerby in his life and at times, he would make her feel as if he was in love with her. Every day she would tell him how madly she was in love with him and how difficult it had become for her to step back. He would always be silent and never utter a single word about how he felt, listen for a while and then simply say, “Good night… It’s getting late.”

As an illustration of the comfort it exudes, whenever I would cry bitterly over several issues, trivial or like an ordeal, my sister would hold me tight and stroke my hair gently without uttering a single word. Her silence would say it all, that she understood my pain, that she would stand by me for time indefinite, no matter what and slowly, my pain would wane away.

It’s amazing how sealing the words away can give a new dimension to so many new aspects in life…Whether it is an apology to someone or an expression of love, silence says it all…words fade away and the eyes do the talking.

Sometimes if a problem annoys me or is too turbulent too endure, I prefer tearing away from the world and being alone for a while, within the four walls of my room or some other peaceful place. The silence exuded by the surroundings helps me to ponder, contemplate, find solutions to problems, gather enough endurance and bring a new direction to my life.

Now that it’s time to recline under the warm, cozy and caressing blankets of silence within the four walls of my room, I would conclude my post with a quote by Andre Kostelanetz,”Everybody should have his personal sounds to listen for - sounds that will make him exhilarated and alive or quite and calm.... One of the greatest sounds of them all - and to me it is a sound - is utter, complete silence.


Vikram Karve said...

Silence is one of the most rejuvenating emotions when you internalize it - but on the other hand there are situations when silence can be devastating.
A very insightful, profound and well written post.

Munmun said...

Yes Sir,I totally agree with your statement. Hope you enjoyed reading the post. Thank you so much.

Rajat said...

silence - healing and destructive