Oct 2, 2008

Hmmmm… I love my plastic smile!!!!

Some people have a perennial problem of darting their expert comments on others even if they are not required to. They carry a notion in their hearts that the almighty has endowed them with all the wits and charms to woo the world…I wish I could help such poor souls to get rid of their whims and fancies.

Anyways, I came across an acquaintance of mine who believed that some ghissus like me lead an abnormally normal life, carry a ‘plastic’ smile all the time and shirk indefinitely from adventures in life. Well, I believe that I have had enough of such adventures in life, both on personal and professional front, to shake me from within for time indefinite.

Well, a question for such ‘random’ souls!! Do you think that riding your bike at an inexplicably high speed, wooing some girls ( supposedly, ) with your dance moves, asking out charming girls just for the heck of it, running away from commitments , setting fashion trends for others, giving your views of movies and stuff even if you are not required to is all that you call adventures? I would call that idleness of mind and soul…lack of depth in your character and lack of understanding of the vast expanse of emotions in others’. Adventure for them is running away from responsibilities and commitments because that puts a constraint on their indulging in further adventures of similar nature…

I love my plastic smile…however plastic it may be, it is a smile after all. It helps to conceal the pain of one’s heart. Maybe some cool, GenX people do not realize the amount of efforts that it takes to smile even that much…

It is not that I have no reasons to smile. I have a loving family, a career going steady and most importantly, the love of my life. However, this is just the facade. Deep down inside, there is a lot more dysfunctionality that one could imagine… but still I love my life and iam living it, not surviving… mind it!

A note for such fellows: I know we live our life only once. So why not live it the way we want to. I want to live it in an abnormally normal fashion. Loving my family, managing
my career, continually falling in love with my soul mate every single moment ,shopping, reading , reclining, restraining from ‘nerve- wrecking’ adventures in life and most importantly, not giving ‘ advice’ to others on ‘how to lead one’s life’…

Thank you dear, you made me realize how much beautiful and warm my ‘plastic’ smile is!

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Arpita said...

I love your smile. Period.
Shelve off these legendary comments. For these come from people who are sunk neck deep with prejudice and pre-conceived notions regarding life. Life for them runs in one-dimension, for their pea sized brain is too small to accommodate the fact that God made every person different and exposed them to different circumstances , which have mould them as the people they are today.
And for the acquaintance in question is....I would like to ask..errr..what's exactly a plastic smile?? Please enlighten..for I’m confused,,if I have one too!