Oct 5, 2008

Those inanimate objects...

Certain things in life may be the most expensive ones, yet they are the least valuable because people who own them stop loving them at some point of time. Yet there are some objects, which cannot emote, but they can evoke a plentiful of emotions in us…
For instance, just a few days back, my kid sis drew out a cute fat cat on a crumbled piece of paper for me. I still carry that paper with me whenever I go. Whenever I look at it and smile, it seems that the cat smiles back reminding me of how this little act of innocence by my sister keeps me cocooned from the strong feelings of dejection.
On similar grounds, some years back, my elder sister gave me a card on my very first day of college. The card is torn to bits and pieces but I carry it with me whenever I have exams and interviews. Call it superstition but I do feel that it has a major contribution to my achievements.
Paintings from kindergarten, chocolate wrappers, group photographs, pink birthday frocks, slam diaries, greeting cards, crumbled gifts papers, I have them all. My mom keeps fuming all the time over my ‘ kachra peti’ , accusing me each time of polluting the environment. Yet she herself wont throw away sarees my papa gifted her however out- of- fashion, or lets say, ‘Jurassic’ they would become. It’s actually fun to compare my kindergarten blue ducks with the engineering drawing sheets. It literally makes me feel as if I have taken a big leap from from being preposterous to immaculate. Hehehe…
These objects speak a lot about those cherished moments of the past, those hidden, unexpressed feelings of the loved ones and to some extent, our own unintended transition from childhood to adulthood. They all speak out unanimously that life is like a kaleidoscope; one small shift and the whole pattern disappear.
So, I try hard to keep some reminiscences, which keep reminding me of some long lost friends who loved me once, of my elder sister who, though seven seas across, is around me 24*7, of my younger sister who has transformed from a cute, plump girl to a beautiful young lady, of my loving parents and most importantly, of my own self; the person I was and the person I have evolved into.
My cherished ‘kachra peti’ reminds me that life is a banquet-dinner of memories, of reminiscences, of our own distant past. Whether to hold on to them or move on is all in our accord. Time flies but memories linger on, sometimes faded, sometimes vivid. But I want to hold on to them. After all, man makes memories but memories also make a man.


ABI said...

Your thoughts are very simple, but very interesting.......Good. wish u all the best.Abi-Kerala.

Arpita said...

Memories maketh a man..I bet it does!
Even my kitty includes your red card, photo-frame, your sketch, Tump's birthday and farewell cards, paper-napkins and bills of restaurants I had memorable evenings in, envelopes, gift wrappers of those cherished presents, and needless to say, the four walls of my room with all those photographs is an irrefutable expression of much these people and times mean to me.
You may not clutch on to the moments bygone, but these auguries surely help you in holding on the memories.
I can still look, touch and feel the beauty of what I had and draw anticipation for the future.